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    100 Jamaican

    EcofarmsTM creating employment among at-risk groups by innovating honey .

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    Gourmet honey products

    Choose from our wide selection of products of the hives from our bees raised in an eco-friendly manner in Jamaica’s countryside.

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    Coming soon

    Look out for our creamed honey infused with ginger, tamarind and other tropical fruits

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    Our Language is Care

    EcofarmsTM cares about your health, wellness and the environment

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    Healthily Happy

    We believe that healthy can be tasty

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Our Story

Farming has been in the Foster and Reid families for three generations. In 1976, Harry and Tina Foster fell in love with a fifty-acre farm in the hills of Balaclava. "The Farm" became their passion. Every Saturday....

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Triple Bottom Line

What We Believe

Ecofarms® was started with a mission to create 100 Jamaican jobs. As such, our mission, vision and company values are based on the triple bottom line principles. We employ and train deaf and other at-risk people....

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Ecofarms® – Jamaica’s honey innovator


We ship our products to every village, town and city worldwide

Why Our Products

Ecofarms® uses raw, gourmet logwood and coffee blossom honey from our rural apiaries to produce Jamaica's first mead (Buzz™ Honey Wine), tropical HoneyStix™, bee pollen and candles. Additionally we infuse our honey with tamarind, ginger and other fruits and spices.

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Buying Our Products

Storefront gifYou can buy our products in our online shop, Amazon or at selected retail outlets. Jamaican stores include:

  • Carby’s
  • Monarch Pharmacy
  • Fontana Pharmacy
  • Sandals Hotel Giftshops
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Ecofarms in China 2017

Ecofarms® Beekeeper Travels to China

July 2017: Javell placed first during this two months training.

vv100 2017

CEO attends VV1000 strategic gathering

Through VV100, Vital Voices partners with a select group of 100 of the most engaged and visionary members

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