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    We raise our bees in an eco-friendly manner strategically positioning our bees next to organic orchards in Jamaica’s countryside.

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    The drink of love

    Our mead comes in three tropical flavours ranging from a semi-dry sorrel to a crisp starfruit

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    HoneyStix™ for all ages

    Our natural, healthy HoneyStix come in exotic Jamaican flavours ranging from tamarind to cinnamon. HoneyStix are great alternatives to "sweeties". Athletes can grab a HoneyStix for a quick source of energy.

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    Jamaica’s gourmet honey

    Choose from our wide selection of products of the hives ranging from logwood honey to bee pollen to beeswax candles.

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Why Our Products

EcoFarms™ uses raw, gourmet logwood and coffee blossom honey from our rural apiaries to produce Jamaica's first mead (Buzz™ Honey Wine), tropical HoneyStix™, bee pollen and candles. Additionally we infuse our honey with tamarind, ginger and other fruits and spices. We have hundreds of hives are strategically located in remote areas near orchards of coffee, logwood, orange, flowering trees and crops allowing us to supply thousands of bottles of honey products per year.

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Buying Our Products

You can buy our products in our online shop or at selected retail outlets. We suggest contacting your local retailer to see if they have the product in stock before making a special trip. Stores include: • Shopper’s Fair • Carby’s • Loshusan Barbican • Megamart • Pegasus Hotel Gift Shop

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EcoFarms – Jamaica’s honey innovator


We ship our products to every village, town and city worldwide


From the heart to the palate

"This is amazing. Made from the heart for the palate" by A. Edwards

A unique product....

"The design of the product is very unique. It’s different from other wine bottles that would make it stand out from the other competitors.  Also, it looks attractive making it suitable for the export market" by R. Wallace

About us

The EcoFarms Story

“You will live in the land that I gave to your forefathers"

EcoFarms has been in the Foster and Reid families for three generations. In 1976, Harry and Tina Foster fell in love with a fifty-acre farm in the hills of Balaclava, St. Elizabeth a stone throw from Harry's birthplace. "The Farm" became the passion of Harry, a Mining Engineer and graduate of Jamaica School of Agriculture (JSA) and Tina, a Registered Nurse. Every Saturday, the family would journey down to "Bala" with their three children. After a day of plucking chickens, pruning coffee, or harvesting oranges the children would "drive" the dilapidated Morris Oxford or the handcart belonging to the farm hand. 

Over the years, the family has planted coffee, citrus plants, apples, passion fruit, bananas, plantains, coconut and ackee. In the late 1990s, Harry invested in five colonies of Italian bees. Grace, the youngest child and an MIT-trained Engineer......

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